5 common mistakes with small business websites

It is rare that we have a week go by and we don’t see at least one business owner with a website that needs to be fixed. So what can go so wrong with a website that it needs to be completely rebuilt from the ground up?

Well there are lots of reasons why a website performs poorly and maybe if you have just one or two problems, then they can be overcome with a redesign. If you have too many problems however, then your best option is usually to have a new website built for your business.

So if you are on the fence and are not sure if your website is good enough for your business - here are 5 common mistakes that we find with websites all the time.

  1. No call to actions: Without a clear call to action on your web pages, your visitors won’t know what to do. So if you want them to visit your physical store and make a purchase, make sure that your contact details are clearly displayed on your website. If you want them to call and make an appointment, ensure that your phone number is prominently displayed and if you want them to make an online purchase have a BUY button front and centre.
  2. Poor on-page SEO: Your on-page SEO helps Google and the other search engines to understand the relevancy of your web pages to a searcher’s query. This is one of the simplest problems to fix, but is the one that is most prevalent in small business websites. Google doesn’t rank websites highly if it doesn’t understand the content of the website. So you need to use SEO to give the search engines a good reason to rank your website above the competition.
  3. No social media links: A huge part of increasing your customer base and your bottom line is social media networking. So if you want the word to get around about your website and you want a healthy buzz about your products or services across the social media platforms, then you need to make it easy for your visitors to share your content. This means adding social sharing buttons prominently, as well as infographics, videos and images that can be shared across social media platforms.
  4. Not optimised for mobile devices: With the massive increase in mobile devices, it is now no longer acceptable to have a website that does not render correctly on all mobile devices; this includes smart phones and tablets. It doesn’t matter whether you want a dedicated mobile website or a responsive design, as long as your website can be seen easily on mobile devices.
  5. Poor navigation: If visitors can’t find what they want within a few seconds of landing on your website, then you have lost them. They will close your website and go to one of your competitor’s websites. So you need a navigation and menu system that is easy to understand and follow. Any information that your visitor wants to find shouldn’t be more than 2 clicks away or else they become frustrated and leave.

There are a lot more mistakes we see all the time with small business websites. So if your website has any of these problems, contact us on 02 8097 7957, or complete our online enquiry form.