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Keeping Your WordPress Site Safe and Secure

WordPress is currently powering nearly 30% of websites on the internet making it probably the most popular content management system in the world.

While this is great for users it makes it a worthwhile target for hackers to develop strategies and approaches to get into your site. It’s time well spent with so many opportunities available.

As a result we have seen a significant increase in attacks on WordPress sites over the last 12 months. Most weeks we are approached by clients with hacked or compromised sites. Often this is due to badly installed (often using the one click install function hosts provide) or out of date WordPress versions or plugins giving attackers known and easy ways to compromise your site.

That’s why it is so important to ensure your WordPress site is setup and secured correctly and kept up to date. Couple this with an effective backup and restore strategy and you can ensure your site will be in the best shape moving forward. If something does happen you can restore from backup within minutes.

A range of services to help keep your site safe and secure:

  • Installation and configuration services
  • WordPress security hardening
  • Security scanning and reporting
  • Malware removal and hack recovery
  • Cloud based backup and restore solutions
  • Regular maintenance and updates
  • Plugin review and recommendation service

All of these services are designed to get your WordPress site securely setup giving you peace of mind that your business can keep running smoothly.

Has your site been hacked or compromised or just want to know your site is as secure as possible?

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WordPress Security & Malware Services
90% of all WordPress hacks could be prevented with a correctly setup site and an effective security policy
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