WIX to WordPress Conversion Services

WIX to WordPress Conversion Services

Looking to move your website away from WiX and take it to the next level with WordPress?

WIX is a great starter platform that lets you get a website up and running quickly and easily. After a while you may start to find that you are outgrowing the platform and need something with a little more flexibility and control. Perhaps you need to really get your site super search optimised and performing as fast as possible or maybe you want to add some more advanced functionality not available on WIX?

WordPress to the rescue!

Let us help you convert your site over from WIX to WordPress. We can use your existing site as a basis for the new WordPress website or help you understand the options to creating a brand new site whether it be from customising an existing theme or something brand new from scratch. WordPress offers a super flexible platform that runs on a host of your choice giving you complete control and flexibility over:
  • Site design and layout
  • Full control of all your content
  • Full control of all search engine optimisation settings
  • Ability to create custom contact and website forms
  • A staggering array of easy to add functionality in the form of “plugins”
  • + much, much more!
We have helped heaps of clients move away from their WIX websites over to WordPress and don’t worry as WordPress is so easy to use we can train you to use it in just 30 minutes. Then you are off and in total control! All of this is delivered to you via our unique process designed to deliver a top quality product on time and to budget.

Giving you total peace of mind

We have been working with WordPress for over 10 years now and have the skills to easily convert your site over from WIX to WordPress. Best of all we have the knowledge and experience to keep your site safe and secure giving you total peace of mind.

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All of our WordPress sites are covered by our 12 month satisfaction guarantee giving you total peace of mind!
12 months guarantee