Performance Tuning

Helping Keep Your WordPress Site Fast and Reliable

Have you noticed your WordPress site getting slower and slower? Remember when you first got your site it was nice and fast?

Just like your new computer is nice and nippy until you have had it a while it starts to take longer and longer to load the same thing can happen with WordPress sites. The more plugins and data you have on the site the slower the site can run. Google have indicated that site load time could be one of the major factors that determines your site rank so having a well optimised site ensures you are getting the best possible result. There are a number of things that can impact performance:
  • Poor hosting or hosting in another country
  • Too many plugins or badly developed / configured plugins
  • Large amounts of redundant data in your database
  • Badly optimised database
  • Badly developed or configured themes
  • Large numbers of scripts and style files being loaded when not needed
All of these issues can have a major impact on site performance but all is not lost. There is a lot that can be done to optimise WordPress to run as lean and fast as possible. We offer the following services designed to get your site running fast:
  • Site review and performance testing
  • Performance tuning reports
  • Database optimisation and tuning
  • Theme review and optimisation
  • Plugin review and optimisation
So don’t put up with a slow loading / running site get in touch with us today to find out how we can get your site tuned to perfection and keep Google happy!

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WordPress Performance Optimisation
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