Global Coaching

Global Coaching

A long term WordPress website maintenance client required a refresh of their existing site to help better represent the business approach and services.

Their existing website was very old, hard to update and was showing its age from a design perspective and the client felt it was not a good fit for where the business had progressed to.

As part of the redesign process we suggested a brand refresh and worked with the client to develop a new brand and style guide. This was an evolution of the exiting brand, taking the eagle concept and incorporating this into a new clean brand design.

The client gave us the go-ahead to completely redesign and rebuild the site using our visual editor framework, based on the refreshed brand.

A bright, professional and clean design was created incorporating abstract imagery concepts to give the site an open and "blue sky" concept.

All of the existing content was reviewed and optimised then ported over to the new website.

Design, Development
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